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2201 Sutter Street

Lower Pac Heights

Classes & Workshops

6-Week Classes

****All of the classes below and Student Open Studios will be held at 2201 Sutter Street.***

6-Week classes are suitable for ages 15 and up only.

COMING UP: Summer 1 - 6/3 to 7/14
Open Enrollment: Friday, 5/17 at 10am PST

Class you wanted fully booked? It's not over yet!

Please click the button below to add yourself to our waitlist!

One-Time Classes & Group Events

All classes are designed for beginners who never touched clay before but we can lead those who have experience to try more intricate techniques! For more information about one-time classes and recommended preparations, please click here: Clay Play Info.

One-Time classes are suitable for ages 15 and up unless accompanied by a supervising adult starting at age 12.

If your team and pals would like to book a group event with 4 or more participants at a discounted rate, please click the button below for more information. =) 

We truly appreciate your support for our studio! <3

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