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We look forward to clayin' with your team and pals! Here are the class options and descriptions for our Clay Play One-Time classes at discounted prices (normally $120/student) for group events. All classes are designed for beginners who never touched clay before but we can lead those who have experience to try more intricate techniques:


*Group events must have a minimum of 4 participants-- the more, the merrier! =)

#1- 2 Hour Wheel-throwing ($95/person): *10 participants max in one room, 21 in two rooms. Create on the pottery wheels! This is more *challenging* and takes a bit of strength but super exciting!

#2 - 2 Hour Hand-building ($95/person): *40 participants max. We will hand-build vessels and wares using simple tools and techniques. Hand-building is more relaxed and intimate than Wheel-throwing since it is much easier to socialize without having to be super focused.

#3 - 2 Hour Split Wheel-throwing + Handbuilding ($115/person): *60 participants max. The most inclusive and popular option as some people aren't able to get on the wheel. We can split your group into 2 groups--- one group can use the pottery wheels while the other handbuilds.


Students make about 1-3 pieces during the class. There will be 5 different glazes everyone can choose from for each piece--- we will then glaze your creations and fire them for you. It will take 4-6 weeks for us to finish them up and we will send an email with pick-up information when they are ready to be taken home!

​Some recommended preparations before class to ensure a great experience:

- Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class starts. 

- We will provide aprons but in case you really get into it, clay washes right off in the washing machine! We do recommend participants to wear comfortable clothing and footwear that you don't mind getting splatters of clay on--- it will most likely happen!

- For ease of technique, we recommend having short nails.

- For those who have long hair, please bring a hair tie.

- Remove all jewelry, e.g. rings, bracelets, watches, etc. and put them in your bags or own pockets before we start. Do not put anything in our aprons-- we've had students forget their precious things in them!

- Keep in mind that pottery takes a lot of practice to get very comfortable doing, so come with low expectations and for the fun experience first and foremost! Be warned-- it could get addicting! =)


If you'd like to proceed, please fill out the form below and we we will get back to you to lock in a date and time. Thank you so much for your support and we look forward to having you at Wheelhouse! <3

Thanks for submitting! We will reach out to you! =)

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