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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello Clay Pals!

Thanks for visiting! Here are answers to some frequently asked questions that may help. If you can't find answers here, feel free to email us your question at =)  


1. "Do you host team/private events?"

- YES! Please email us to coordinate at

2. "What are your gallery hours?"

- At this time, we do not have set gallery hours-- our studio prioritizes our classes and studio operations first and foremost and some weeks are busier than others. If a staff member is available to help you shop, the sign on our window will be flipped to "Gallery Open". If there is a piece on display that you want to check out, you can contact us via email and we would be happy to set an appointment with you!


3. "Do you offer firing services and/or clay purchasing?"

- We do not and we won't.

4. "Do you offer temporary memberships and/or studio drop-in passes?"

- We do not.

5. "Do you offer children's classes?"

- Not at this time.

6. "Can I put myself on the waitlist for future sessions that haven't launched?"

- Unfortunately not. We want to give everyone a fair chance at snagging spots during public enrollment. Our waitlist opens after classes book in case of any cancellations. If you want a good chance to get in a class, be ready by your computer a few minutes before the time of release!

7. "When is the next session/public enrollment?" 

- You can find all the upcoming dates on our Home page in the "Upcoming Important Dates" box. If dates haven't been added, that means we are still working on finalizing our calendars so please check back in a week!


8. "I haven't received an email to pick-up my Clay Play pieces. What's the status?"

- We want to get your ceramic babies finished up for you to take home as fast as we can! If you have not received a pick-up email, chances are they are in the queue to be fired, being fired or in the process of cooling in the kiln. If you have not received a pick-up email for more than 2 months, please email us!


Thank you for your support!

-WHC Team

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