A clay studio rooted in community and exploration.

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327 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, Ca.

Important Upcoming Dates:

Summer Session 1: June 6 - July 17, 2022 (current)

Summer Session 2: July 25 - Sept. 4, 2022

SS2 Calendar Preview: Sat, 7/2 @ 11am

SS2 Open Enrollment: Sat, 7/10 @ 11am

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A clay studio rooted in community and exploration in San Francisco. WOC artist founded and operated.

Wheelhouse Clay Studio is a collective of artists bounded by their knowledge and passion for ceramics. With years of experience, we want to share our skills to connect with the community and foster creativity in a safe space through clay, art, and dialogue.


Our community studio holds memberships, classes and workshops to help you get started on your clay journey or learn new skills and techniques to elevate your craft. We want to help you tell your visual story. We nurture true understanding of quality and vulnerable exploration to test clay's limits with respect. We hope that as you dive deeper into the craft, you learn new things about yourself and make friends along the way.

Let's create together!


Classes, Workshops & Group Events

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All classes suitable for ages 15 and up only. Must have proof of Covid-19 Vaccinations and ID.

SUMMER SESSION 2 (7/25/22 - 9/3/22) Open Enrollment: Saturday,  7/10 at 11am PST!

Note: Due to Priority Enrollment given to current students, some classes may only have a few spots left or are already full before public open enrollment. 

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Current Membership Capacity: Full w/ Waitlist

In order to become a member, it is required for you to have taken a 6-week course at Wheelhouse at minimum and be invited regardless of your skill and experience level-- no exceptions to keep it fair. =)
This way, you will be familiar with our studio etiquette, functions and ways of sustaining our safe space. Members are expected to work fully independently and autonomously with respect and consideration of others and our shared resources.

Please be advised that our studio is NOT for production pottery. Our principles emphasize education, elevation of techniques, skills and honing artistic voices. We want members who want to join with the intention to learn not just about clay, but about each other and the community that makes our studio operate with effort, thoughtfulness and reciprocity.

We want to make sure we are the studio for you and vice versa, because when you grow, we grow with you in ways more than the craft. Wheelhouse Clay is not just a place of creativity and making, but also of vulnerability and unlearning.

We do not offer any firing and clay services, temporary membership nor studio passes at this time.


Alden Enriquez  •  she/her

Alden grew up in San Francisco after emigrating from the Philippines at the age of eight. From her childhood, she learned to value the little treasures found in her surroundings for it brought joy at its purest form. Her culture taught her the importance of gratitude and community, which has made her into an empowered artist today. Alden's work reflects her eye for detail and belief in the power of the collective. She received her BA in Ceramics and Art History with honors at San Francisco State University. Alden continues to develop surface design techniques that sparks curiosity and wonder even in the simplest experiences. 

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