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Membership Info + Waitlist

Hello Clay Peeps!


Thank you for your interest and wanting to be part of our clay fam! Before you go on, please visit our Studio Rules & Etiquette page and read all important guidelines thoroughly here: Studio Rules & Etiquette. We want to make sure our studio is the right one for you, and vice versa. =)

Without further ado, here is what a WHC Membership entails and, of course, the perks!

***Note that all memberships will be at our beautiful Sutter St. location (2201 Sutter St.).

What we expect from our Members:

- In order to become a member, it is required for you to have taken two 6-week courses at Wheelhouse at minimum and have two instructor referrals-- no exceptions to keep it fair. =) This way, you will be familiar with our studio functions, etiquette and ways of consideration.

- You can work INDEPENDENTLY and autonomously. You must know the prominent processes of how clay turns into ceramic and can work without very much guidance-- but we are always here if you have any questions about studio functions! If you think you still need to familiarize yourself with these steps, we suggest you join another class before becoming a member to get to know clay and proper community studio etiquette.

- You know the ins and outs of our community studio functions, calendars and will adhere to all the rules and guidelines listed here: Studio Rules & Hours. You will continue to respect our community space with MINDFULNESS AND CLEANLINESS, two very vital parts of our practice and community studio etiquette.

- SELF-AWARENESS. We can teach you about clay, but we can't teach you self-awareness! Wheelhouse is operated with the understanding and intention to provide and sustain a safe space for not just individuals, but for the whole collective. Self-awareness is the key for maintaining a welcoming creative space for everyone who create and work in our studio. You will keep our studio space safe for everyone who enters here, and be aware of different backgrounds, privileges and perspectives. Of course, we expect the same from everyone else!

- We are an immigrant WOC owned and operated studio and will choose to protect principles that we've learned from our experiences to nurture a space we ourselves feel safe running, creating and working in. We hope you can support and preserve WHC's positive culture with us!

- Intentions to learn not just about the craft, but about each other and the community that makes our studio function with effort and thoughtfulness.

- You want to join our community not just for transactional acts but for reciprocity. We value acknowledgement and saying hi when you come in our space. If you had genuine conversations with staff and members, most likely you are already on our radar and are being treated like a member. <3 That's the best way--- for it to become so effortless that the Wheelhomies will say "I knew you were going to become a member! It was just a matter of time. =)" This is how we built our community full of warm and kind people that know the value of effort. It's not just about what you know and how many classes you've taken.

- Respect for clay and understanding that it is a magical and LIMITED resource from the earth.

- We do not allow production pottery. We do not have the kiln capacity for production potters. We want all our members and students to have a fair share of kiln space. Our studio emphasis is in education to develop skills and guide you in finding your artistic voice.

What you can expect from WHC:

- A safe space you can be creatively vulnerable. We believe vulnerability is strength and makes way for growth and amazing art!

- Passion for the craft with enthusiasm to guide you! As artists and educators, when you grow, we grow! When you learn, we learn with you!

- A place that isn't chaotic! We minimize our classes to make sure you do not feel crammed and rushed when creating. It is important that we maintain a healthy balance of energy coming in and out the studio with intention. When we prioritize our mental health and capacity, our space will be healthy, too.

- A vision that is bigger than the walls of Wheelhouse and ceramics. Clay is a great way to get to know people and yourself-- it is a vehicle that can create lasting bonds and a strong community. We strive to make this healing resource be accessible to those who don't have the luxury. We hope to build and nurture this with our Members!

Perks + Info:

- Members get studio access everyday during our business hours-- Mondays to Saturdays from 11am to 9pm and Sundays from 11am to 6pm.

- You get your own shelf for storing your tools and work in progress.

- You will be able to sell your work at our Gallery Space, which will be curated by the WHC team. Part of the proceeds from our Gallery Space will fund scholarships and educational programs to share the magic of clay! They will also fund artists residencies and workshops by amazing ceramic artists that we will invite to share their knowledge with y'all!

- You get discounts on classes and workshops and will be invited to member events and artist talks, not just in ceramics but other mediums!

- You can book private one-on-one lessons with our instructors to guide you through a special project or advance techniques you want to learn. 

- You can bring in your own glazes to use after we give you approval upon seeing a test tile. Clay purchased outside of the studio are not allowed.

- Memberships are $825 quarterly or $1,560 semi-annually. Due to a large number of interest, we are not taking memberships on a monthly basis at this time. Memberships begin once you've been assigned your own personal shelf.

- For more information about the variety of clays we offer and prices, click here: Clay Menu.

Here at Wheelhouse, it is more than just about clay, it is mindfulness for the whole collective. It is sharing of resources and energy that comes from care and consideration for the spirit of the rules, which is why our studio is a special place for many. If you see yourself not only thriving in our studio but also a space you can add value to, please fill up the form below to add yourself in the waitlist and we will contact you when a spot opens up. =)

Thanks for submitting!

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