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Semi-Private Workspaces



Are you a charmander ready to evolve into a charmeleon?! Then we have just the thing for you! LOL. Very excited to finally be able to offer a semi-private workspace for production! As we are still building our new expansion, we are also still working on the details of the production space. Here is what we have for now, which is still subject to change as we figure things out!

You Get:

- A semi-private space only other production members can access for $550/month. We are limiting our production spots to 4-6 people!

- A whole shelf column you can add/subtract shelves on (like our student shelves) for works in progress + tools.

- Your own workstation that you don't have to pack up every time you leave! This is probably the biggest perk lol.

- Studio access from 8am to 12am including holidays. This comes with flexibility depending on how comfortable we get with this new type of membership!

- One bisque firing a month. $45 - $65 for each additional firing depending on kiln size and type of firing. You can share firings with (and only) other production mates!

- A designated shelf to display and sell your work in the gallery windows.

- Solo gallery shows we can help you curate and organize! =)

- Advanced technique guidance, contextual/marketing/business resources and art critiques from staff.

You Must:

- Load your own kiln firing (up to cone 6) and do necessary maintenance before and after each firing--- kiln washing shelves, removing glaze drips, vacuuming the kiln, etc. We will do thorough training on how to load and fire a kiln! This will give you more autonomy and more freedom to experiment, respectfully of course! We are always open to answering kiln questions-- it is better to ask than guess especially with firings!!!

- Have your own tools including bats, wareboards (we can cut up some for you), slab mats, etc. You can borrow our glaze tools. You are still able to use and utilize the common spaces as if you're members--- obvi, we just don't want them to be taken over by your work.

- Have your own underglazes and glazes. We will only provide a clear dipping glaze. Limited use of our studio glazes for testing are okay.

- Keep spaces clean and free of dust at all times! This will never change and moreso when you're sharing a space more closely with other people. =)

If you're interested, let Alden know and she will talk to you directly!

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