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A clay studio rooted in community and exploration.

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Classes, Memberships, Workshops & Events   •   2201 Sutter Street, San Francisco, Ca.

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Important Upcoming Dates:

Current Session: SUM 1 - June 3 - July 14

2024 Sessions

SUM 2 - July 22 - Sept 1

SUM 2 Open Enrollment: Fri, 6/28 @ 10am

FALL 1: Sept. 9 - Oct. 20

FALL 2: Oct. 28 - Dec. 15 (Thxgiving break: 11/25 - 12/1)

FALL 1+2 Open Enrollment: Wed, 8/21 @ 10am

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A clay studio rooted in community and exploration in San Francisco. WOC artist owned and mindfully nurtured.

Wheelhouse Clay Studio is a collective of artists bounded by their knowledge and passion for ceramics. With years of experience from practice and devotion to the craft through higher education, we want to share our skills to connect with the community and foster creativity in a safe space through clay, art, and dialogue.


Our community studio holds classes, memberships and workshops to help you get started on your clay journey or learn new skills and techniques to elevate your craft. We want to guide you in telling your visual story through shared vulnerability. We nurture true understanding that clay is a valuable, finite resource from the earth and honor quality as a way to explore while treating this magical medium with respect.


We hope that as you dive deeper into the craft, you learn new things about yourself and make friends along the way.

Let's create together!

Classes & Workshops

Classes & Workshops

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6-Week Classes

6-Week classes are suitable for ages 15 and up only.

NEXT 6-WEEK SESSION: SUMMER 2 - 7/22 to 9/1 @ Sutter St.

Open Enrollment: Friday, 6/28 at 10am PST

Note: Due to Priority Enrollment given to current students, some classes may only have a few spots left or are already full before public open enrollment. 

Class you wanted fully booked? It's not over yet!

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One-Time Classes & Group Events

All classes are designed for beginners who never touched clay before but we can lead those who have experience to try more intricate techniques! For more information about one-time classes and recommended preparations, please click here: Clay Play Info.

One-Time classes are suitable for ages 15 and up. Students at the ages 12 - 14 must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

If your team and pals would like to book a group event with 4 or more participants at a discounted rate, please click the button below for more information. =) 

We truly appreciate your support for our studio! <3


Current Membership Capacity: Waitlist Spots Open

In order to be added in our membership waitlist, it is required for you to have taken a 6-week courses at Wheelhouse at minimum
and have an instructor referral-- no exceptions to keep it fair. =) 

This way, you will be familiar with our studio etiquette, functions and ways of sustaining our safe space. Members are expected to work fully independently and autonomously with respect and consideration of others and our shared resources.

Please be advised that our studio is NOT for production pottery-- at least not yet! Our principles emphasize education, elevation of techniques, skills and honing artistic voices. We want members who want to join with the intention to learn not just about clay, but about each other and the community that makes our studio operate with effort, thoughtfulness and reciprocity.

We want to make sure we are the studio for you and vice versa, because when you grow, we grow with you in ways more than the craft. Wheelhouse Clay is not just a place of creativity and making, but also of vulnerability and unlearning.

We do not offer any firing and clay services, temporary memberships or studio drop-in passes at this time.


Alden Enriquez  •  she/her

Alden is the Founding Principal of Wheelhouse Clay. She is a Filipina immigrant who moved to San Francisco at the age of eight. From her childhood, she learned to value the little treasures found in her surroundings for it brought joy at its purest form. Her culture taught her the importance of gratitude and community, which has made her into an empowered artist today. Alden's work reflects her eye for detail, belief in the power of the collective and kapwa-- the interconnectedness in our shared humanity. She received her BA in Ceramics and Art History with honors at San Francisco State University. Alden practices her art and values by nurturing Wheelhouse as a safe space through curiosity, playfulness, and mindful intention.

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Leslie López  •  she/her

Leslie is the Studio Manager of Wheelhouse Clay. She is a Mexican-American artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She takes inspiration from her heritage and the immigrant roots of her family to create work that involves explorations of the self. As a First-Generation Chicana, Leslie takes inspiration from both the joys and the struggles of her identity and reflects it in her work. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from California State University East Bay.

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Sophia Hernandez  •  she/her

Sophia Alexandra is an interdisciplinary artist currently working and living in the Bay Area. While taking her first ceramics class at Pasadena City College, she quickly fell in love with the medium and went on to pursue her undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley. The wheel thrown ceramic forms she makes are guided by simplicity and the intimacy of ritual which can be present in the person-object relation. The hand built ceramic projects are an opaque expression of emotion. As she continues to explore the inexhaustible possibilities of clay, she hopes to encourage others to explore in a state of play, through the sharing of knowledge and skills.

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Yuki Watanabe

Yukiko Watanabe  •  she/her

Yuki is a Bay Area-based ceramic artist with over 12yrs of pottery journey. Growing up in Japan, she has always been fascinated by the sense of genuine, natural, imperfect beauty that is situated in quietness and serenity. Working with clay gives puts her in a state of peace and “mu” 無 (quiet emptiness), and she hopes you will sense that through her pottery. Yukiko recently launched Eat With Your Eyes Pottery and SF Made Pottery to combine her passion for pottery and the culinary arts. Her tableware designs are based on her imagination of the holistic dining experience and atmosphere. 

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Meet the Instructors

Zoila Marquez

Zoila Márquez  •  she/her

Zoila Márquez is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in San Francisco. Her practice is informed by the landscapes she inhabits and the rituals she has inherited, drawing on themes of memory and ancestry. She first encountered ceramics during her time at Mills College where she fell in love with the medium, its ability to retain touch and memory, and the ripe conceptual terrain it provides. Clay has since become a willful collaborator in her work and a conduit for connection—to the landscape and the greater ceramics community. She has a background in Contemporary Art History and received her BFA with honors from Mills College in Oakland, CA.

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A.G. Nwosu •  she/her

A.G.’s obsession with ceramics began in early 2022. It got so bad she had to leave her job as a lawyer to make pots full time last year! A.G. is a wheel thrower whose practice focuses on large scale, altered forms with a sprinkle of sculpture. She is currently obsessed with moon jars of all sizes. Feel free to ask for advice, or just say hi whenever you see her - she’s always down to chat. :) 

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Em Logan - Wheelhouse Clay SF

Emma Logan  •  she/her

Emma is an artist and educator from Sonoma County. Organic mediums like clay, wool, and paper inspire her sculpture and installation work focused on geographic identity, land use, agriculture, and our varied and sometimes complicated relationships with food. And she’s just as comfortable behind the wheel, focusing on form and enjoying the companionship to be found in the clay community. Out of the studio, Emma is a naturalist and researcher with a passion for sustainable ecology and encouraging people to experience the world using all their senses. She received her BA in Ceramics from San Francisco State University, and her MFA from Mills College in Oakland, CA.

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Danny Meltzer  •  he/him

From the first time Danny picked up a piece of clay as a child, he was hooked. As a teenager, a wheel throwing class cemented his love of the medium. Ever since, he has had a fascination and joy for creating on the wheel at studios in Massachusetts and in California, finally joining Wheelhouse Clay in 2022. Since it has been part of his life for decades, he feels deeply connected to the material and processes of creating in clay. Danny enjoys all methods of working with clay but finds creating on the wheel to be most meditative, and his mind feels calm and settled after a throwing session. Danny believes that the act of creating can be a powerful way to develop understanding of self, others, and community. He wants to explore creative projects with deeper connection to his Queer and Jewish communities.

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